* Now acccepting Tricare, Aetna and United *

The charge for a consultation includes the visit, a personalized care plan, a letter to mom’s or baby’s health care provider, and up to three 10 minute follow-up phone calls, texts or e-mails. Although the Affordable Care Act mandates coverage of lactation services, each insurance company determines what services and professionals they will cover. Paperwork with the appropriate codes is provided for the family to submit a claim to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. A referral from your or your baby’s health care provider is be helpful for being reimbursed by insurance.

  • Prenatal visit                               (1 hour)                   $60
  • Initial lactation visit                   (1½ to 2 hours)     $125
  • Follow-up or new concern       (1 hour)                    $60
  • Phone or Skype visit                  (30 minutes)            $25

Cash, check and PayPal are accepted. If finances are a problem we can discuss an adjustment in the fee. Please ask!


*A report in 2013 shows that the cost of NOT breastfeeding for the baby’s first year is over $1,700; not included is the extra cost of healthcare expenses of your child and missed work days for the parents.

Trent Hamm “The Simple Dollar”  December 10, 2013    

Gift Certificates are available and are a thoughtful grandparent or baby shower gift.

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