HUG Your Baby

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Understanding the Secret Language of the Newborn

HUG helps parents become the good moms and dads they want to be, by understanding their baby’s body language and learning comforting strategies in order to prevent and solve problems around a baby’s eating, sleeping, crying, and playing.

Learn about three newborn Zones (Resting, Ready, & Rebooting Zone) and how to get babies to the best Zone for eating, playing and sleeping.

Identify and respond effectively to a newborn’s “SOSs” (Signs of Over-Stimulation.)

Learn to use the Breastfeeding Roadmap to Success.

The HUG is based on the pediatric, child development and lactation literature of Drs. T. B. Brazelton, M. & P. Klaus, M. & H. Papousek, B. Howard, M. Labbok, A. Stuebe, and N. Bergman.

When:      Class upon request

Where:     Zoom or TBA

Cost:         $25 per couple

To Schedule:    919.606.4565IMG_0949

“I loved the Hug Your Baby program because it taught me that each child has their own personality, and that I should allow him to be himself.  I loved the SOS idea and used these ideas for the 1st three months.  This information really allowed me to connect with Hunter.  I also liked the details about breastfeeding and I used the Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success until my son was 14 months old.  I would recommend this program to any mom.”

CHT logoGale Touger, BSN, FNP-BC, IBCLC, CHT is the first HUG Your Baby Trainer. She has worked professionally with families for more than forty years. Gale studied at Boston University, Duke University, and UNC-Chapel Hill. She was honored as the NC Nurse Practitioner of the Year, received the Barbara Bennett Peer Assistance Award, and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society. Gale is certified in Brazelton’s Touchpoints and the Brazelton Center’s CLNBAS teaching exam (now known as the NBO) and integrates The HUG into her work as a lactation consultant in Beaufort, SC. As a HUG Trainer Gale teaches local professionals, helps to study and develop the HUG curriculum, and joins HUG Creator and Director Jan Tedder in “Giving a HUG” to parents and professionals across the USA. She has completed research on the impact of teaching The HUG to professionals in outpatient settings.