Reliable Resources on the Internet

La Leche League: Basic Positioning


Breastfeeding Made Simple:  Morbacher and Kendall-Tacket

It’s Only Natural

Motherhood International

Lactmed and Infantrisk: Medication safety

AAP Benefits of Breastfeeding and When a Mom Should Not Breastfeed  

H.U.G. Your Baby – Understanding Your Newborn

Hand Expression

Breasts Milk Storage

Catherine Watson Genna:  Tongue tie

Dr. Ghaheri : Treating Tongue tie

Exercises after tongue tie release

Dr. Jack Newman’s ProtocolThrush treatment

Newman-Goldfarb Protocols  Inducing Lactation


Dr. Jack Newman

Kelly Mom

HUG Your Baby

Selecting a Baby Bottle and Teat


The Breast Crawl

Baby led, Mother guided latching 

Getting a Deep Latch (scroll back to the start of the video)

Supplementing at the Breast

Hand Expression – Dr. Jane Morton

Alternate Feeding Methods – How to

Cup Feeding 

Paced Bottle Feeding

Global Health Breastfeeding Videos

Off to the Right Start – Dr. Jane Morton