Carolina Lactation Consultants, LLC

serving families in Raleigh, NC and the Lowcountry, SC


“Helping You Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals”

Most new mothers want to breastfeed their baby. We recognize that breast milk provides optimal nutrition, disease prevention for baby and mom, and it is the most affordable way to feed your baby. When going well, breastfeeding is a uniquely peaceful and satisfying experience for mom and baby.

It is not uncommon to face challenges at the start, as well as along the way.  Questions can arise when the baby goes through a new stage of development, during times of illness, when mom returns to work and when beginning the weaning process.IMG_0181 editted

In this fast paced world where new parents are often separated from family and in many cases both parents must work outside the home, it can be difficult to get the expert, evidence-based care, information, and nurturing support moms need to successfully breastfeed their babies. Babies, children and their families have always been my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than the joy on a mom’s face, in fact both parents’ faces, when together we solve a problem, mom is no longer in pain, baby eats with gusto and then looks deeply into mom’s eyes.


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