Adapting to Change

Carolina Lactation has moved, but can still help in the Lowcountry

So much has happened since the arrival of COVID-19.  Who could imagine how much our lives would change? Many are out of work, others are working from home.  We are separated from family and friends by the need to physically distance.

I believe in home visits for lactation consults. Recovering from birth and sleep disruption are hard enough without families having to manage a trip to the office. It is very helpful to see the family in their own surroundings, with mama as comfortable as possible using the furniture and pillows she has at home, family there to support and coach. 

Not surprisingly, the working relationship between Lactation Consultants and the families we serve changed abruptly. I, like most IBCLCs stopped seeing families in the home or in the office. Fortunately, I have considerable experience answering questions and advising over the phone. I quickly learned the ins and outs of telemedicine – how to maintain communication and confidentiality, while thoroughly and effectively helping mothers and babies to breastfeed remotely on Zoom and other platforms. I learned new strategies to assess and problem solve without my hands, frustrating though that is. Insurance companies that cover lactation services have been covering telehealth visits and plan to continue to do so for the duration of the pandemic.

And now I have more news to share. I have moved to Raleigh to be closer to family, where I will continue to provide lactation consults. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your breastfeeding journey. I miss the wonderful families I have come to know through our visits together. Please keep in touch and share stories and pictures as your little ones grow. Currently I am not aware of any other IBCLC in Beaufort County who is working outside the hospital. Some IBCLCs in Savannah and in Charleston have resumed seeing families in the office, with PPE – personal protective equipment – and thorough cleaning measures. There are kind and capable IBCLCs to whom I can refer you. 

I am happy to provide you care through telehealth visits. Let’s give it a try with a free 15 minute virtual consult to see if this process works for you.

Please visit the “Community Support Group” page for an announcement soon of Nursing Mothers of Beaufort meeting on Zoom.  Hope to see your beautiful faces and babies there. 

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