What’s all the fuss about?

Daniel and Emma look a little worried and seem to be wondering what Ethan is upset about. Perhaps he overheard our conversation at Nursing Mothers of Beaufort. We chatted about tongue ties and lip ties, when to worry and what to do. If the baby does not latch well, has difficulty transferring milk from the breast or causes mom pain while suckling, some moms find it helps to use an asymmetric latch, to gently roll the baby’s lips out and to hold the baby close, belly to belly. If breastfeeding is still not going well, Carolina Lactation Consultants can work with you. Sometimes a referral to an expert ENT or dentist is needed to evaluate and consider clipping or laser revision of the tie.

Ethan did feel better after a little snack and snooze at mom’s breast while we marveled at how much the babies are growing and changing from meeting to meeting.

If you want in on the fun, the learning and the support from other moms and our IBCLC organizer, please join us December 20th at 1pm. Here is a link to more info:
Nursing Mothers of Beaufort


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